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Discover the World's Highest Tides at Spencer's Island and Old Shipyard Beach Campground


Guinness Record-Holding Tides in Parrsboro

Witness the Marvel: Parrsboro, the largest seaport on the Minas Basin, offers the best vantage point for the world's highest tides, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Experience the tidal flood and ebb covering 3.2 kilometers (2 miles) of tidal flat during each 5-hour and 40-minute cycle.


Celestial Dance of Tides

Tidal Forces at Play: Understand the science behind tides, influenced by the moon, sun, planets, and stars. Nova Scotia's Atlantic coast sees tides rising and falling by 1 to 2 meters. Venture to the unique Bay of Fundy, where tidal resonance and a funnel-shaped bay create extraordinary tides exceeding 16 meters.

The Mighty Fundy Tide at Spencer's Island

Nature's Spectacle: Visit Spencer's Island, where the Bay of Fundy showcases the highest tides globally. Experience 115 billion tons of water moving in and out of the 257 km v-shaped pocket, with rises and falls of 6 to 12 meters. In moments of high winds and a full moon, tides can surpass 15 meters. Enjoy the unique experience of witnessing the world's highest tides at Spencer's Island and making memories along the captivating Bay of Fundy.

Coastal Wonders Along the Glooscap Trail

Scenic Exploration: Follow the enchanting Glooscap Trail, named after the Micmac Indian God, along Chignecto Bay, Minas Channel, Minas Basin, and Cobequid Bay. Discover long stretches of mud flats during low tides and witness the fascinating backward waves called tidal bores during the rise.

Tidal Bores Along Rivers

Rivers in Reverse: Explore rivers running into the Minas Basin, Cobequid Bay, and Chignecto Bay, where tidal bores create a wave moving upstream against the current. Witness the Salmon River tidal bore, a popular and dramatic spectacle, with tide times well-posted and convenient parking for enthusiasts.

Advocate Harbour's Coastal Charm

Charming Conclusion: Conclude your tidal adventure in Advocate Harbour, where the gradual Bay of Fundy Tide unveils its magic. Explore the coastal wonders and witness the remarkable and unusual sight of the Fundy tide's triumph.

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